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10 Tips to prepare for NECO exams

NECO also known as National Examination Council is an examination body that conducts Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) and General Certificate Examination (GCE) in Nigeria.

Normally after the West African Examination Council exam it is expected that most times the next examination is NECO.

Alot of people have wrong perception of NECO exams. You’ve often heard some teachers or person’s say “you can only make use of NECO result in Nigeria”. This is very wrong and that’s why alot of students take this exam with loosed hands. NECO is now accepted in some countries outside Nigeria.

Just like WAEC exams, everyone who intends to sit for NECO exams has to register 9 subjects and not just that but have to sit and prepare well for this exam.

Ways to prepare adequately for NECO exams:

1. Start your preparations on time
Some students wait till a month or two weeks to the exam before they begin to study. How do you want to store the whole information in New school physics, Essential Chemistry, Modern Biology etc in just two weeks? Waiting till few weeks to your exam is a very wrong approach.

2. Study with NECO syllabus
Search for the NECO syllabus for that particular year examination. Studying with the syllabus makes it easy for you to measure your progress while preparing for the exam.

3. Practice with NECO past questions
You need to get NECO past questions and begin to study with it. Studying with NECO past questions makes You have a very good understanding of how they set their questions.

4. Set goals on the grades you want to get in each subject
When setting goals try to set realistic goals based on your strength and weakness.
For instance, you’re in art department and your strength include English, Government, Literature, Economics and the rest your weakness you can aim for As or Bs in your strength and probably Cs in your weakness.

5. Study consistently
Ensure you have a fixed study time table that you follow.  Try to take breaks in between your study because research has proven that this helps your brain to assimilate better and faster.

6. Cut out distraction
Anything could be a could be your phone,a friend, social media, sports, game etc.
Try to avoid these distractions in order for you to be focused.

7. Group Study
Have group study with people of like minds and areas of studies(same department). You have to be very careful about group studies because it has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are numerous: you get to share ideas, get help on areas you are struggling with, etc. The disadvantages about group study is that you can end up wasting your time chatting with friends during group study.

8. Study smart
When some students hear of examinations they begin to study from cover to cover. Well, this is good but when the examination is fast approaching, you no longer have to study hard but to study smart by developing other means of improving your study skills.

You have to try as much as you can to be calm before, during and after the examination. Staying calm helps to reduce the tension.
To crown it all believe in yourself and have faith in God to give you success.

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