Deadline: June 7, 2021

The Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) prize competition 2021 aims at inspiring and supporting Africans entrepreneurs who are making great impact on other societies. The application is open to entrepreneurs from all African countries,sector and all ages who operate businesses which are formally registered and headquartered in any African country.
The competition always ends up with ten finalists in the final section every year. The finalists will compete for a share of U.S $1.5 million in grant money.
The ABH prize competition provides applicant with an opportunity to hear and receive advise from business legends and also it brings about international publicity of individual (winner) and his/her business.

ABH Expectation.
The Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) expects applicants to possess the following:
★Applicants must present a significant problem they crave (desire) to solve in the business world.
★The ABH judges look forward to how applicants can identify problems and needs and provide a unique solution.
★Applicants ought to be passionate and impact oriented ,bold and able entrepreneur which can influence the society positively.

★Applicant must be the founder or co founder of the company or business.
★African citizenship.
★Applicants company should be registered and headquartered in any African country.
★Business/company should be 3 years old or more.

The following are required for application:
★Written/online application.
★Application must upload 3 different videos.

NOTE: Each video must not exceed 1 minute.
The video content includes:
1. Introduction of company and self.
2. Video about team introduction and business testimonial.
3. Customer testimonial.

★Letter of recommendation or reference from either a mentor, partner or team mate. The letter should contain details on your character, passion and work ethic.

Apply now and take your business to the next level.

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