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How to achieve first class in the university

A student whose focus, determination and dream is to graduate with a first class from any higher institution MUST know the following:
1. Set SMART goals
If you are conversant with footballers on the field you’ll observe that before a player can actually score a goal he has already planned or mapped out smart moves to make. For you to achieve anything you have to set a goal but this time it has to be a very SMART goal:
– Specific
– Measurable
– Achievable
– Realistic and
– Time bound goal
2. Attend lectures
Alot of students especially freshers tend to take attending lectures and practicals lightly. Ensure you attend lectures because some lecturers may just decide to conduct an impromptu test; this is why you should never miss tests or exams especially tests because they are part of what builds your GPA. You need to take attending lectures regularly seriously.
3. Stay focused
To me making decisions like “ I want to graduate with first class” is easier said than done. Alot of things will pose as a distraction to you; fun, social life, friends, etc. You may even experience situations that may seem to discourage you but you have to be focused and keep your eyes on your goals.
4. Don’t waste time
You have to use your time wisely. Don’t say I’m still a fresher I still have 4 to 5 years before I think of first class. Making first class starts from the very beginning so don’t take chances. Getting admission into the university is not the only thing,after that you have a priority of emerging with good grades after 4-6 years of study depending on your course though. Don’t waste all your time catching fun.
5. Discover what works for you
What works for me may not work for you. Some students have to read a particular topic for like 2-3 times before they can understand. Some don’t read much they just cram certain things; some can stay up all night studying without falling asleep.
Know what works for you; don’t be like some students who go to the library to sleep. This happens to them because they are trying to do what others are doing without discovering what actually works for them.
Discover your study method, mode and time.
6. Associate with people of like passion
The kind of people you associate with has a way of either affecting your goal positively or negatively. It’s advisable you move and work with people who are also passionate on this like you cause they would affect your goal positively.
7. Reach out for help
No man is an island of his own. You cannot achieve this all by yourself. You need to reach out to people for help with difficult topics, project etc this can be attained by having a very effective study group and seeking help from those ahead of you
8. Understand your school setting and your lecturers
Every school has its own way of doing things and so does their lecturers as well. For instance, some lecturers in some schools hate students who add additional information while answering to questions in examination and they may reduce from your mark simply because of this;some on the other hand love students who attach additional information and they may award them with extra mark for this. Try to understand all your lecturers.
9. Be very disciplined
Discipline is all you need to achieve this beautiful dream of yours . Always try to control yourself,don’t allow social media,fun , people or anything control you.

I will wrap it up by saying develop your relationship with God. Here are two words “RACE” and “GRACE”. The difference between these two words is the letter G and this G represents the God factor. Never remove God from the equation of your life.

If you found this article helpful please drop a comment in the comment box. We would also love to know what you think about this article.



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