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How to improve your study skills

Have you ever wondered why you read and you don’t understand? Some students read but their reading is not effective. This is simply because their study habit is not good enough.

Just reading and re-reading your notebooks and textbooks as well is not enough. For you to be a genius in your studies, or for you to have good grades you have to improve your study skills.

An experiment was carried out on two group of students. Group A were students who just read to pass examinations while group B were students who read to have a better understanding of that concept. Both groups where asked to study a topic “carbon and it’s compound” in chemistry. Their exams came and they did their best. After one month of the exam both groups where called and asked questions on that particular topic but only members of group B could answer the questions. Some students read to pass examinations only. They don’t read to understand and that’s one of the things that makes your study to be less effective.

Ways to improve your study skills are:

  • First, you have to understand that you’re meant to study and not read. Reading is just like passively being engaged with what you claim to be reading. Studying on the other hand means you’re actively engaged with what you are doing.You have to be actively engaged by taking questions, jotting points…etc to have a broad and better understanding of the concept you are reading.
  •  Try to connect with the concept or topic you are reading. For instance,you are studying the topic “inflation and deflation” in Economics;try to connect it with the market system in your economy. See the advantages and the disadvantages about it; this way you’ll be able to understand better.
  • Cite examples
  •  Figure out the answers to the problem (questions) you are trying to solve.
  • Jot down points in your jotter or any other writing material you have aside your notes.
  • Try to memorize and master that concept.
  • Questions that are related to that topic should be practiced because it will help you.
  • After reading through the topic, answering questions and taking down points, try to teach someone else if you can because you learn and understand more when you teach others.

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