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How to prepare for ICAN examination

In Nigeria we have two professional accounting associations which are ANAN (Association of National Accountants of Nigeria) and ICAN (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria).

There are three stages of ICAN for non accounting graduates which include:

  1. Foundation level
  2. Skill level
  3. Professional level

Unlike other examination body in preparing for ICAN you need 16 subjects which are all under the stages of ICAN exams.

Note: ICAN is not only for accounting students. As far as you can complete the different stages of the exam you can become a chartered accountant.

Odo Jonathan Adewale emerged the youngest chartered accountant in Nigeria after passing the final stage of the ICAN exams. Interview shows that he started his preparations for ICAN after his SSCE(Senior Secondary Certificate Examination). This shows that nothing is difficult. All you need is focus, diligence and determination.

Many prospective student usually ask the question “is ICAN examination difficult”. No exam is actually simple and none is difficult as well. Play your part and you are sure to do excellently in that examination.

Here are few tips to prepare adequately for ICAN examination in just one sitting

1. Start your preparations early.

2. Get study materials from ICAN website. Getting it from their website makes it easy for you to practice and prepare with guaranteed materials.

3. Study past questions as it gives you better understanding of how the body sets questions.

4. Be consistent in studying

5. Understand how to tackle their questions.

6. Ensure you finish the syllabus. This is very important.

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