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How to write a good descriptive essay

The descriptive essay is slightly similar to the narrative essay but it is also different from the narrative essay in a way. In descriptive essay you are meant to describe either a person, a place, a scene, an event or an object in other to create a very clear picture of what you’re describing to your readers.

How to write a good descriptive essay

In writing a good descriptive essay you have to pay close attention to three things. They include your content, organization and your expression.

A. Content

It is expected of you to give a very detailed description of what you’re asked to describe. For instance,if you are describing a place like a zoo you’ll describe the state the zoo is located in,the things you love about the zoo…etc.

B. Organization

You’re expected to start your description with an introduction in which you have to mention the event, place, person or object you want to describe. Afterwards your introductory paragraph should be followed by a very detailed description of what you are asked to describe.

C. Expression

You are to make use of the right vocabulary for effect and also make use of words that are appropriate to convey your description. With these you can now write a good descriptive essay on any topic given to you.



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