Deadline: October 15,2021.

Applications for the KKR Small Business Builders Program is ongoing.
KKR Small Business Builders Program aim to give entrepreneurs and their small businesses support. The grants they offers are primarily designed to assist business owners sustain and grow their businesses,create jobs and provide economic opportunity to enable them respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

★Every individual who applies received free access to the thousands of curated resources .
★Global Entrepreneurship Network
★The selected entrepreneurs will receive a $10,000 Grant.
★Few entrepreneurs who are selected will receive mentoring and coaching opportunity with KKR employees.


  • For you to qualify for the KKR Small Business Builders Program, you must:
  • Business must be profit oriented.
  • You must have 5 – 50 employees.
  • Have a demonstrated need for growth and support.
  • Propose a strong plan and idea for moving forward.
  • Operate in the United States (US), United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Spain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Japan,Germany,India, England,China or Australia.

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