Deadline: November 26,2021.

Applications for the New Media Writing Prize 2021 are now open.
The New Media Writing Prize recognizes innovative, exciting and creative stones and poetry that integrate a variety of platforms and digital media.
The aim of NNWP is to encourage and promote the best in new media writing.

★The opening up award(£500)
★The FIPP Digital Journalism Award(£500)
In addition to it is a one year membership with FIPP
★The Writing Magazine Student Award
★IF: book UK new media writing price (£1000) which will be donated by IF: book UK.

~The competition is open to all categories of persons;
~The competition is open to any individual from any part of the world;
~All entries must be in English language.

Selection Criteria
°Ease of accessibility for the reader;
°Innovative use of media to create a creative and nice fictional and non-fictional poem, story etc
°Good use of interactive elements;
°A distinct example of how new media can do things and traditional media can’t;
°The ability to reach out to a wider audience.

All entries must contain the following information :
•Title of the work
•Contact details such as name,telephone number, email address and postal address
Note: for joint entries all entrants contact info must be provided.
•Short autobiography with a maximum of 50-100 words
For those who have joint entries,all entrants autobiographies must be provided
•Entrants who desire to submit as students must provide a proof of identity such as Student Union ID card, University Enrollment Number etc

Click here to apply:

For more information, visit NMWP.