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Tips to overcome the fear of Mathematics

Alot of students are known to have fear for this particular subject called “Mathematics”. Some category of students may not see it as fear but they may rather see it as a subject they dislike; whichever one it is it’s termed as “arithmophobia”.

You may be wondering what “arithmophobia” is . It’s simply the fear of numbers. Some person’s on hearing the name of the subject they may start shaking and sweating profusely. If you are in this category worry less,cause every problem has a solution.

Ways to overcome The fear of mathematics

1. Acknowledge the fear/phobia

This is the very first step to procuring a solution to this problem. Identify and understand that you have this fear for this particular subject called “mathematics”.

2. Believe you can overcome that fear

You have to believe in yourself that you can actually overcome this fear, have a better understanding of this subject and even become a genius in this field.


3. Concentrate on making it your strength

I often advice students to maximize their strength and minimize their weakness. This particular fear of mathematics is actually a weakness so,in order for you to overcome it you have to concentrate on making it your strength i.e something you love and you can do with ease.

4. Develop love for the subject

It is very impossible to be good at something you hate and it is very possible to be good at something you love and enjoy doing. Developing great love for maths is a very good step to overcome it’s phobia.

5. Ensure you reach out to tutors who can help you out

Not everyone who bears the title “teacher” can teach. As a teacher you have to possess the ability to “impact” knowledge. As a student trying to overcome this fear you have to identify teachers/tutors whose field is mathematics and has this quality of being able to impact knowledge.

You need a tutor to put you through this time around because you have to begin from the scratch for better understanding.

6. Find time to study daily

If you carryout research on students who perform excellently in mathematics, you’ll observe one thing and that is they allocate time to study;mind you I didn’t say to read but to study.

You don’t actually read maths, you study it. By studying you have to be actively involved by solving questions, practicing past questions etc. It doesn’t have to be for hours you can begin with probably 30 minutes daily.

7. Group study

Having a group of student like yourself or with a mixture of students who a very good at maths to study with makes it easier for you to understand. Group study helps you share ideas, identify topics you’re good at and topics you’re struggling with in that particular subject. Remember TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More.

8. Have faith

You need to have faith in God. Believe in yourself and believe in God that he’ll see you through. With God all things are possible.

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